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Cereopa: an engineering office dedicated to farming performance

Cereopa (French acronym: research center and engineering office about the economy and the organization of animal productions) is a research center (status: 1901 French law association) working at AgroParisTech. This location was meaningful to its creator, Professor Julien Coléou: it reinforces links between higher education in agronomy and farming industries. Our team is composed of four engineers, two teachers and many AgroParisTech associates.

Our goal: sustainable competitiveness for the farms

All themes studied by Cereopa are linked to a central question: what are the main indicators and conditions of today’s farms competitiveness? Answering this question exceeds widely the usual agronomic field.

Our ambition: being operational

This is the foundation of true Knowledge. These true knowledge proposals must only be action sentences: do this, do that. It is power, i.e. the certain exterior transformation hanging to a conscious internal modification. Paul Valéry

Following the words of Paul Valéry, action is usually leading cereopa’s interventions. Our studies are conducted for clients who often look for solutions directly applicable or transferable, which generally led to concrete propositions. Aside from these consulting and expertise missions, we conduct analyses on the environment of companies or fields to gather elements to help them take decisions.

Our mission: being involved in the development of industries

Through its analysis and consulting missions, cereopa’s first concern is the clients’s satisfaction. The trust they give us is our best reward. Our main goal is to become partners with our clients and to guide them in the long run.

Cereopa is not just an engineering office. Indeed it aims to be involved in the development of industries and to engineer ways of creating value and sustainable competitiveness. It takes also an active part in the training of agricultural engineers, to whom it brings the results of its experiences, its network and its initiatives.

  • Cereopa is a way to deal with issues without fearing to face the complexity of situations. We prefer a global and cross-sector approach of the issues.
  • Cereopa is a small-sized team, but with great energy and generosity. The background diversity of all our associates guarantees us adaptability to many challenges.
  • Cereopa is finally the pursuit of Julien Coléou’s project. He gave us the will to carry on and to consider that future is worth mobilizing with strength and enthusiasm.


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On September 2009, Cereopa has launched the Vigie matières premières website, dedicated to the following of agricultural deliveries.

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